Peer Review History: Degradative Effect of I.R Radiations on the Constituents of Bitumen

Sample of natural bitumen were taken from bitumen well in Agbabu town in Odigbo Local Government of Ondo State. These samples were separately irradiated with infrared radiations for a period of seven hours. Part of the sample was withdrawn at interval of One, Three and Seven hours. The withdrawn sample was later separated into maltene and asphaltene fractions. The maltene fraction was further separated into saturated, aromatic and polar fraction. The saturated and aromatic fractions were subjected to gas chromatography analysis. The Saturated and aromatic profiles of the bitumen were found to vary with the period of irradiation. The Chemical composition of both the saturated and aromatic compounds in the bitumen decreased with the period of irradiation. Thus, decrease in the chemical composition of bitumen as a result of irradiation cause aging of bitumen. Therefore, I.R radiations were found to have a degradative effect on the composition of bitumen.