Development of a Nutritious Baking Flour Fortified with Dried Ripe Banana Peels Extract

Development of a Nutritious Baking Flour Fortified with Dried Ripe Banana Peels Extract

Background: Peels that are a valuable source of potassium, dietary fiber with a percentage of up to 40-50 percent protein, 8-11 percent lipids, and 2.2-10.9 percent fatty acids are discarded during banana processing. Therefore, using dried ripe banana peels, a high-value nutritious baking flour can be produced and banana peel disposal can be reduced.

Objective: To establish a high value of nutritious baking flour from dried banana peels, this study was conducted.

Methods: To avoid enzyme discoloration, ripe banana peels were treated for 12 hours with steam blanching at 57 ° C. For easier drying, the peels were then cut into small pieces 1cm thick and put on trays. They were then put in a dehydrator which was preheated. For 12 hours, the initial set temperature was 62oC. After 12 hours, the temperature was reduced to 57 ° C, making it a total of 24 hours to dry the banana peels completely. The dried banana peels, using sterile mortar and pestle, were pounded into fine flour. Banana peel flour obtained was integrated at four distinct levels as 0, 10, 20, and 30 percent in whole meal flour formulation. Sensory assessment was conducted using a nine-point Hedonic scale by testing the organoleptic properties on overall acceptability. The following parameters, moisture content, starch, protein, lipid, ash crude fiber, ntioxidant (vitamin C) and total dietary fiber, were performed in a proximate percentage study.

Results: The most approved formulation has been found to be whole meal cake with 20 percent banana peel flour. It had decent physical qualities. The findings of 20 percent ripe banana peel flour were as follows: moisture-17.2±0.05 percent, crude protein-5.5±0.01 percent, crude fiber-19.2±0.01 percent, ash 8.8±0.02 percent and carbohydrates-14.6±0.01 percent, lipids 1.5±0.01, vitamin C91.30±0.01 and total dietary fiber 20.14±0.01 for 20 percent banana peel flour.

Conclusion: In order to manufacture nutritious food products, ripe banana peel flour has the ability to be applied to patent baking flour.

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Dr. L. G. Njue
Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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