The growth of biotechnologies has been monitored by ethical concerns, particularly as they affect human health and the environment. Such scandals have had a significant influence on the advancement of policies and laws impacting their growth and deployment. Agricultural biotechnology has been at the core of heated national debates, especially in its advanced forms, concerned with manipulating genes. The paper explored the potential of agricultural biotechnology with regard to conjectural threats that could be related to technology. In less developed and food insecure countries such as Nigeria, it attempted to expose the delicate balance between meeting pressing food needs and the potential risks in the use of biotechnology products. Furthermore, the study highlighted the role of ethics in the creation of national biosafety systems and laws. Although the most sealable choice for developing agricultural research systems is considered to be a precautionary posture, ethical concerns must be properly addressed from the outset in order to avoid the experience of developed countries where the production of such agricultural biotechnologies is stiffly resistant.

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Dr. Thomas Adisa
Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, National Veterinary Research Institute, P.M.B.01, Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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