How was the plant or crop yield established? In thirty years, the Net System of Genetic Characters of Yield Results, the theory system of ‘Theoretical Genetics and Breeding Science of Crops’ was first solved by this great difficult problem of basic research. This net system was a new synthesis of living bodies using subject theories of all plant organs or organisations, functions and metabolism, etc. All factors shaping yield output on individual and community layers were included in this net system. It highlighted that China’s theoretical analysis of genetics and crop breeding was at the world’s leading level. It included three sections of composition, the fundamental contradiction of yield efficiency, the theory of ecological adaptability and the theory of yield potential (including theory of plant type). The net scheme has been clarified in detail in this article. In practise of breeding, development and scientific studies and all relative theory points, the highest and most basic point of plant genetics and breeding theory, this theoretical method was touchstone testing and measuring all kinds of both phenomena, not only genetics, biology, physiology, but also most basic molecule genetics and molecule biology. This broke the point of error that looked at genetics and crop breeding as applying technique analysis, not both basic study and academic value. Mastering this theory method also mastered the general inheritance and crop breeding situation, also the right initiative, could reform and change appearance, establish a first-class system of crop breeding technology and new variety. Only this theory method was really mastered, could really ensure correctness, initiative and predictability of all ties of work and practise in crop breeding.

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Peizhan Tian
Centre of Germplasm Introduction and Crop Breeding of Jilin Province, Changchun, China.

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