This paper presents the study of the influence of 3 types of organic fertiliser of industrial origin (Chap liquid, Biofert and Guano) on the most important quality parameters of immortelle seedlings.

The study was performed under protected conditions through 3 repetitions, with 10 plastic pots in each one. In the experiment were included two control: one that was not fertilised and the other one where was applied the organo-mineral fertiliser Sapro elixir.

The largest influence on the increase of the average height of the seedlings had Guano – 32.1 cm and Sapro elixir – 31.5 cm, while the lowest seedlings were measured in the non-fertilized control – 25.5 cm.

Plants with the largest above ground mass were found in variants with Guano – 17.5 g, Biofert – 16.7 g and Chap liquid – 16.1 g, while the seedlings with the lowest above ground mass were measured in non-fertilized control – 11.7 g. The differences in the above-ground biomass of immortelle seedlings between non-fertilised controls and all studied organic fertilisersM were also statistically justified. The plants with the more significant root biomass were found on variants with the application of Chap liquid – 29.9 g and Biofert – 29 g, while the lowest values for this parameter were determined in non-fertilized control – 17.9 g. All studied variants of fertilisation showed a significant increase in root biomass compared to non-fertilized control.

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