Via rapid laboratory tests, improvement in the longevity of oil heat treated Acacia mangium was studied. A. 16-year-old mangium logs were harvested and segregated into the lower, middle, and top sections. These were oil heat treated with oil palm oil as a heating medium in a stainless steel tank at temperatures of 180, 200 and 220 °C for 30, 60 and 90 minutes, respectively. The wood specimens were dried and ground into sawdust, then air-dried again until durability tests were performed. Accelerated laboratory longevity tests on treated A for 12 weeks. With mangium. Inoculated woodland fungi of Pycnoporus sanguineus, Gloeophyllum trabeum and Coriolus versicolors. Samples used as controls were untreated. The results showed that the durability of the timber improved as the temperature and length of the treatment increased. The heat treatment method of the oil reduced the G attack. Trabeum in control samples from 5.02 percent, 4.41 percent and 4.38 percent to 0.54-4.55 percent, 0.91-4.41 percent and 1.08-4.38 percent, respectively, in the bottom, middle and top parts. An attack by C. Versicolors decreased in the control samples from 11.48 percent, 14.27 percent and 15.68 percent to 1.87-10.19 percent, 3.10-12.69 and 4.78-15.10 percent in the lower, middle and top portions of the control samples. Nevertheless, with 31.42 percent, 18.24 percent and 10.53 percent in control samples, the attacked P. sanguineus is less successful at 3.71-10.18 percent, 5.74-14.59 percent and 4.37-17.08 percent at the bottom, middle and top sections. In vessels of untreated A, strong colonisation of mycelia takes place. Compared to the oil heat-treated wood found by the scanning electron microscope, mangium wood. The method of oil heat treatment improves the density of the A treated. With mangium. Densities grow from the bottom to the top of the tree. The longevity of A was improved by the oil-heat treatment. Timber mangium.

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Razak Wahab
University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia.

Ros Syazmini Mohd Ghani
University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia and University of Hobart, Australia.

Mohamad Saiful Sulaiman
University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia.

Taharah Edin
University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia.

Nasihah Mokhtar
University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia.

Mohammad Haziq Razak
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

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