Study on Psychological Bias Caused by Notification of Brand Name in Sensory Evaluation of Mango Fruit Drink

Study on Psychological Bias Caused by Notification of Brand Name in Sensory Evaluation of Mango Fruit Drink

The purpose of this research is to investigate whether the brand name influences the assessment of sensory-based characteristics in the buying process of a product. Even if it induces psychological bias in sensory assessment of mango fruit drink, brand name plays an important role. We performed five separate sensory blind tests, open tests, exchange sample tests, duplicate tests and brand recognition tests in this study to verify the bias induced by brand name notification. For all the tests, the same respondents were assessed. Using the 1-9 hedonic scale, sensory assessment was conducted on attributes such as colour, smell, taste, sweetness, mouth feel, viscosity and overall acceptance. Results of tests showed that brand name induces prejudice during mango fruit drink sensory evaluation. People were aware of mango drinks by their brand name and not by their quality of taste or product. During the open and interchange sample test, the brand obtained more successful scores. It is observed after carrying out the test that different products can taste more or less the same, but the brand name is special, which guides the sensory assessment. In the brand awareness survey, people were unable to recognise the brand by sampling it. On average, the brand was effectively recognised by taste by just 20 percent of customers. The outcome of each test indicates that in sensory assessment, brand name plays an important role because customers appear to be biassed towards a well-known brand as they trust the brand. In all the attributes, there is the propensity to score a popular brand higher. It is also concluded that a significant role is played by being competitive in the quality of the market product as well as brand awareness.

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Bandana Chatterjee
Department of Food Technology, University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Kanchan Modi
Department of Biotechnology, Patna, Bihar, India.

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