Impact of Flood on Female Headed Households in Nkumoro Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Flooding since 2012 is becoming increasingly severe and frequent in Nigeria. Flood disasters are major threats to human beings as it reverses major developmental processes in any area affected, hampering socio/economic activities especially among the Female Headed Households as they are more prone and vulnerable to flood impacts. Flood disaster mitigation in Female Headed Households needs to address socio-economic issues and coping strategies. This paper seeks to review impact of 2016 flood on Female Headed Households in Nkumoro, Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria which is one of the worst hit areas by flood. Social media, personal observations, structural questionnaires and interviews were the sources of information. The result revealed that the major livelihood of sampled Female Headed Households were farming, fishing and trading. These women had their crops damaged and were unable to fish during the flooding period, thus increasing propensity for food insecurity for their households. Their sources of income were significantly affected as the income source is the nexus of their livelihood which when absent increases their vulnerability. There is a dire need for the Female Headed Households to be given priority in terms of aid provision to enhance their livelihood.

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