Introduction: Mexico is a country with nutrition-related problems, mainly regarding protein-energy deficit and low consumption of minerals and vitamins. This has contributed to Mexico ranking second on adult obesity within countries of the OECD (30% of the population). On the Mexican littoral, many cephalopods exist but only few octopods are used for human consumption. According to Mexican authorities, only four species of octopods are fished, although there are 15 of these benthonic zone organisms that can be used for many purposes.

Aim: To establish the micro and macronutrient values of O. hubbsorum B and to evaluate its potential contribution to Mexican diet, since this organism is available all year in the Mexican Pacific Coast.

Study Design: Transversal study.

Place and Duration of Study: Samples of Octopus hubbsorum were bought from fishermen in Acapulco, in the Mexican Pacific Coast during Autumn 2016.

Methodology: Five O. hubbsorum were bought from local fishermen during the second week of Novermber, 2016. Moisture content was determined using the direct drying method. Protein content was determined according to the principle of the Kjeldahl method. Lipid content determination was carried out by the semicontinuous solvent extraction method. Determination of raw fiber was performed by an acid- alkaline digestion. Calcium and iron content was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy, whilst phosphorous content analysis was performed by colorimetry.

Results: High amount of water and protein were found in O. hubbsorum B, being 64.15% and 69.38%, respectively. On the other hand, lipids were low and no fiber was found. Finally, the content of Ca, Fe and P in mg/100 g was 24.33, 1.4 and 120.67 respectively.

Conclusion: Octopus hubbsorum B is a rather good source of proteins. This could help diminishing proteic-caloric malnutrition of people living in coastal areas. However, octopus should be eaten with other nutritional sources to get a balanced diet.

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