Effects of Metosartan on Testis Tissue Chromatin and Enzyme Kinetics of Testicular RNaseA

Metosartan is the drug normally used as antihypertensive agent that act on heart and reduces hypertension in humans. It’s components telmisartan is a angiotensin type I receptor blocker known to induce apoptosis in urinary bladder and metoprolyl is the beta receptor blocker. RNase A is the most experimental protein in the 20th century. Disulphide bonds are necessary for enzymatic action of many proteins and it is also required for this protein. RNaseA kinetic studies is performed with the drug metosartan using RNA as the substrate Metosartan is an combination of metoprolol and telmisartan and found to contain inhibitory property on RNaseA. Protein degradation and thiol titration assay has found to be that the drug has reducing property on RNaseA. The study concludes that metosartin inhibits the activity of RNAse A allosterically by reducing the disulphide bonds present on it. The reduction of disulphides may dissociate the enzyme to its monomer which is not highly active hence reducing the catalytic activity of RNase A. HPLC studies confirm the RNaseA presence in testes and drug also induce toroid packing of DNA in immature sperms.

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