Influence of Electron-ion Technology on the Microbiology of Production Processes

Study on the use of electron-ion technology with a view to the inactivation of microorganisms, e.g., a
byproduct of ozone gas, have been further developed in response to the need to suppress any
microflora in fermentation processes in the microbiological industry, as well as with the development
methods of storing vegetables and food products in the presence of ozone disinfection of municipal
wastewater. The question of ozone destruction of microorganisms of various taxonomic groups
covered extensively in the literature. Until recently, in connection with the use of ozone for disinfection
of drinking water the majority of works were devoted to study ozone effects on pathogen

Author(s) Details

M. Ya. Burlev
Myker Ltd., Moscow, Russia.

V. D. Kharitonov
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Dairy Industry, Moscow, Russia.

N. S. Nikolaev
Moscow State University of Food Industry, Moscow, Russia.

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