Theory of Merging Social Sciences and Mathematics into One Continuum; As a Social Mathematical & Human Engineering Sciences

By combining mathematics with human and social academic disciplines including philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics and political science, this book will analyse the output of a new scientific discipline. Arguments and behaviours can be more pronounced by paying attention to the history of science and the findings of prior studies in various academic disciplines, and there may be a clearer understanding of the discussion on the theory that can only be accomplished by looking at human relations and social experiences as an engineering interaction that can be represented in mathematical equations. The behavioural trends from which we can examine and establish social, economic, and political interrelationships. As well as the power, by means of equations and mathematical and engineering functions, to express the variables and causes of these behaviours and effects. As a result, we will create a new framework for international affairs that computer programmes can model and monitor. Via an international equation that can be called the “Global Peace Equation” the primary objective of this science is to trigger the international community and introduce international balance and peace.

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Houssam Khelalfa
LGCE, University of Jijel, Algeria and Department of Scientific Research & Knowledge Productions of K. E. C. Laboratory, Jijel, Algeria.

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