Health Psychology: From Theory to Practice (A Practical Guide for Applied Health Psychologists and Students)

In the field of health psychology, the convergence of science, theory, and experience is important. For both clinicians and trainees, the ability to perform and understand research, test theories, analyse methods and theoretical models, and then apply these results to clinical practise is as critical as it is difficult. The aim of this book is to include some helpful guidance on how to perform evidence-based practise in various settings and using various methods. The biopsychosocial model, which is at the core of Health Psychology, is also explored, as well as its role in health and illness. The book delves into topics like stress and pain management, as well as critical current health concerns like stigma and the role of health care practitioners in public health promotion. Since health psychology is a relatively new discipline with a wide variety of applications, we hope that this book will provide students, trainees, and clinicians with a good understanding of the field as well as useful advice on how to design, execute, and assess health behaviour change strategies.

Author(s) Detailts

Georgios N. Lyrakos
General Hospital of Nikaia ‘Ag. Panteleimon’, City Unity College, Athens, Greece.

Dr Despoina Menti
City Unity College, Athens, Greece.

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