Sociology of Youth

The current book examines the youth as a dynamic age group, typically 15-24 years old, in a quantitative and qualitative framework, as they are extremely influential in all societies around the world. If properly invested in, the kids have the potential to be extraordinarily innovative and creative. The development of industrial countries owes a great deal to the development of its youth. Proper efforts must be taken to train and educate the youth in order for them to engage in various events. Youth are the demographic that is most quickly influenced by new trends, modernism, and culture. As a result, they are constantly updated and capable of upgrading science and technology in any civilization. The youth have a big role to play in closing the generation gap. They make a significant contribution to raising GNP in every country. Youth have played a significant role in spreading the culture of change and modernization, as well as urbanisation and industrialization, which have all contributed to country growth. As a result, countries and governments must devote special attention to this age group in order to reap the most rewards.

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Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran.

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