Study on Activated Carbon Prepared from Various Fruit Peels

The  presence  of  dyes  and  heavy  metals in  water  is  undesirable  and  may  be  toxic  to  the  aquatic environment.  Therefore,  removal  of  these  contaminants  is  an  important  aspect  of  waste  water treatment. Fruit peel was  produced by restaurants, fruit juice producers, fruit  seller, consumer and food industries in the world. Because of for most fruits, only the fleshy pulps are consumed leaving and the peels were discarded. As a result, these peels causing pollution and serious environmental impact. Therefore, there is the need for an intensified research in the development of the activated carbon.  Fruit  peels  were  used as  precursor to  synthesis  activated  carbon  in  water treatment.  The obtained  activated  carbon  has  higher  surface  area  and  pore  volume.  Equilibrium  data will  be investigated using Langmuir and Freundlich.

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