Determination of Residual Acetamiprid and Imidacloprid in Unpolished Rice by Centrifugal Spin Column Clean-up and Water Mobile Phase HPLC-Diode Array

This chapter offers an appropriate analysis method for antimicrobial drug residual monitoring in food. Following a 100 percent water mobile phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) connected photo-diode array, a speedy, simple, and space-saving sample preparation procedure is used.A PDA was developed to measure acetamiprid (ATP) and imidacloprid (ICP) in unpolished rice.described in this article A handheld ultrasonic extractor was used to extract the analytes from the sample.cleansed by MonoSpin┬« C18-CX, a centrifugal monolithic silica spin mini-homogenizer with waterWithin 20 minutes, sample -1 was measured on a column. The precision, accuracy, and system suitability are all important factors.The method’s approval requirements are well within the international norms.

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Naoto Furusawa
Graduate School of Human Life Science, Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan.

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