Introduction: The education-learning process is energetically engaged in by period of being pregnant with child nursing graduates through the cooperative learning order known as “rip an object learning.” It too enables ruling class to interact and take part in maternity sucking courses. The study’s objective was to compare the att parenthood nursing pupils’ attitudes and academic depiction in lecture and jigsaw education methods.Research Design: A almost-experimental study design was secondhand. Research Setting: The study was conducted at the Technical Institute of Nursing, Kafer El-Sheikh Governorate, Egypt, during the course named “Maternity Nursing.” Sampling: A convenience sample of sucking students in the 3rd level and 2nd age was recruited. Number = 160 was classification into two groups: control group (80) “lecture group” and students that study together (80) “jigsaw group”. Tools: The dossier was gathered using four forms: 1. self-administered inquiry, 2. student’s knowledge appraisal tool (pre-posttest), 3. Likert stance scale to assess the student’s stance toward the teaching game plan, 4. Students’ Opinion Sheet. Results: There Both groups had a significant difference in the student’s accomplishment (post and follow-up composed exams). The students’ hypothetical achievement in motherhood nursing lectures was larger in the study groups than in the control group on the post and follow-up exams. Students in the students that study together exhibited a more positive stance concerning the education strategy than the undergraduates who were in the control group. Conclusion: Maternity sucking students’ stances and performance all along the course are improved by using the cut learning action. Recommendations: Use the jigsaw education strategy as a education strategy fully academic nursing courses.

Author(s) Details:

Randa Mohamed Abobaker,
Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department, Northern College of Nursing, Arar City, Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Kamlah Ahmed AL-Olimat,
Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department, Northern College of Nursing, Arar City, Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Amal Mohamed AlRuwaili,
Preparatory Year, Northern College of Nursing, Arar City, Saudi Arabia.

Magda Mubarak,
Nursing Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences -Hafr Al-Batin University, Saudi Arabia.

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Keywords: Jigsaw strategy, academic achievement, maternity students’ attitudes

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