Removal, Separation and Recovery of Fe(III) and Cr Ions from Cr(VI) Plating Wastewater Containing Fe Using Persimmon Tannin Gel and Immobilized Arthrobacter nicotianae Cells

The Cr removal capability of persimmon tannin gel from the aqueous solution of Cr(VI) was first examined. Cr / g-dry persimmon gel 307 and 76 mg were adsorbed as Cr(VI) on the gel and decreased to Cr(III) in the solution , respectively. Cr(VI) was selectively adsorbed using persimmon gel from a solution (pH2) containing 7 kinds of metal ions. On the other hand, the selective adsorption of Cr(III) reduced from Cr(VI) by persimmon tannin gel was similar to that of Cu(II) from a solution ( pH 5) containing 7 kinds of metal ions using Arthrobacter nicotianae cells The removal and separation of Fe(III), Cr(VI) and Cr(III) developed from Cr(VI) by the use of persimmon gel was identified by certain basic characteristics of the removal of these metals and A. In this paper, Nicotianae cells are mentioned.

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Takehiko Tsuruta
Department of Life and Environmental Science, Hachinohe Institute of Technology, Hachinohe, Japan.

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