Overview of Paradoxical Poverty in Russia

The problem of poverty worries not only the population but also serves as the subject of numerous scientific works. The study of the issue was carried out with the help of surveys and a method of reviewing literary sources. The theoretical basis was the assumption of the relationship between poverty and property inequality. It is established that the curves of the change in the proportion of the poor and decile coefficients have a shift of the optimums relative to each other. This shift indicates the presence of a delay. By today, the delay was leveled that may portend social upheavals. To prevent social upheavals, one should apply the entire possible set of measures to reduce the share of the poor and decile coefficient.

Author(s) Details 

 Sergey A. Surkov
International Institute of Management, Moscow, Russia

Ellen G. Trofimova
Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Moscow, Russia.

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