“NoSQL” discussions inevitably appear to contrast a fresh approach with an old, tired approach. The Linux Journal[1] debate focused on distinguishing between these modern “non-relational” products and “traditional” (relational) systems is an example of this. Although the excitement for the new (and the unjustified raised expectations) has always been the hallmark of information systems and computing, the enthusiasm which give a weak and misleading explanation in this case. A more cautious approach Explanation is needed, particularly as these approaches and products may be required to provide the realisation of several promising ideas such as Web Services-related ones. The network and the hierarchical models have been the competing ideas, and both sometimes have major weaknesses. The several alternatives to “relational” proposed have mostly been about programming methods or new forms of data and simply do not discuss a philosophical approach to knowledge. As these developments have helped everybody, this is not a problem; but it is necessary for professionals to know the foundations of their sector.

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Donna M. Schaeffer
Marymount University, USA.

Patrick C. Olson,
National University, USA.

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