Frontier production functions, technical efficiency and panel data: With application to paddy farmers in India

Frontier production functions ar necessary for the prediction of technical efficiencies of individual companies in degree trade. A random frontier production operate model for panel data is given, that the firm effects ar degree perform of it slow. the best predictor for the technical efficiency of a personal firm at a selected amount of your time is given for this time-varying model. degree empirical example is given victimization agricultural data for paddy farmers in associate extremely village in Asian country. [1]

The technical efficiency of large bank production

Significant difficulties in industrial banking among the late Nineteen Eighties raise questions on bank performance and efficiency. With the employment of data insertion analysis (DEA), we have a tendency to tend to rely on the relative technical efficiency of 201 huge banks from 1984 to 1990. Bank technical inability averages merely over 5 p.c, tons of but found in existing estimates. Larger and extra profitable banks have higher levels of technical efficiency. At constant time, however, larger banks ar further in all probability to manage at a lower place decreasing returns to scale. [2]

Using a Probabilistic Frontier Production Function to Measure Technical Efficiency

This article uses mathematics techniques to “estimate” a frontier Cobb-Douglas production operate for U.S. agriculture from 1960 to 1967, exploitation the “average farm” in each state in each year as Associate in Nursing observation. every settled and probabilistic frontiers are generated and so the results compared with traditional least-squares and analysis of variance estimates of the assembly operate. Technical inability is made public relative to the probabilistic frontier operate and so the extent of any unskillfulness calculated for each state. little technical inability exists across states once the assembly operate includes intermediate inputs to boot as land, labor, and capital. [3]

Short-term debt enhances Western Australia’s farm productivity

Policy interventions that amendment farmers to possess access to short debt would improve technical efficiency of Western Australian broad acre farms, in line with a study from The University of province.

Assistant Professor Amin Mugera, of UWA’s faculty of Agricultural and Resource scientific discipline and Institute of Agriculture, conducted the study with Dr Gerald Nyambane of Davenport University, USA. He same their findings were relevant to policy makers interested by understanding the impact of debt structure on performance of farms that receive little or no or no government support. [4]

Technical Efficiency of Rain-fed Lowland Rice Production in Niger State, Nigeria

Aims: Aims of the study were to work out the technical potency of rain-fed lowland rice producers and factors influencing technical potency of rain-fed lowland rice producers in Niger State.

Study Design: Primary information were collected from rain-fed lowland rice producers through the employment of structured questionnaires.

Place and period of Study: This study was administrated in 3 government areas comprising 9 villages in Niger State, Nigeria throughout 2014 cropping season.

Methodology: time period purposive and sampling techniques were utilized for information assortment.

Results: The mean technical efficiencies were sixty three. Findings more unconcealed that none of the sampled rice farms reached the frontier threshold. However, variables enclosed within the model for the potency effects were seed, fertilizer, labour and agrochemical. The parameters of the random frontier production operate were calculable at the same time with those of the model of unskillfulness effects. Results indicated that farm size, plant food and labour were vital (p. [5]


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