Does Domestic Migration have a Challenge? Evidence from Northwestern Ethiopia

The role of internal migration to the poor rural households is highly recognizable because of its low cost of travel and immediate response for livelihood shocks and problems. Despite the fact, internal migration has a tremendous contribution to the livelihood of the rural households; yet it is not free of challenges in the pursuit of its benefits. This study, similar to previous works has recommended the need to conduct survey on the challenges of domestic migration. Therefore, this study mainly focused on the main problems associated with internal migration in rural setting of North Gondar where internal migration is dominated. Both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were utilized. According to the study, the result revealed migration towards the rural areas for labor work following farming activities in the large scale farming fenced with ethnic conflict among workers, prevalence of theft, payment suspension as well disease. Besides, the result of the study revealed that migrants toward the urban area challenges are mainly related to brokers’ deception, lack of immediate job and life costs. Thus, if internal migration is required to play its role as one of the livelihood strategies for subsistence producers of the rural households in the domestic market, the associated challenges of internal migration must have relieving solutions.

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