With the public’s and scientific community’s continuous interest in space exploration and travel, from microgravity to interplanetary missions, the demand for materials and techniques to make it happen has skyrocketed. Though technology exists to enable the delivery of equipment and tooling (payload) to low to high earth orbits, when it comes to sending humans to space, there is still a gap in meeting severe adverse environments. Materials for various parts of rockets, their tailoring, and optimization, as well as enabling techniques that can use established metallurgical unit operations to be applied on existing primary (ores) and secondary (scrap) resources to extract materials that can be used as alloying elements in the manufacture of alloys for space exploration and flight, are all available. However, there is no genuine example of using these metallurgical principles to extract and manufacture alloys for human space travel and flights. This symposium aims to fill that need. A series of research will be presented that will employ fundamental intuition, thermodynamics, kinetics, and rate processes to extract essential elements like rare earths and add them as alloying elements to build superior high temperature alloys that will allow human space flight. We continue to operate from the Eastern Engineering Solutions Inc. platform.

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Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
CEO, Eastern Engineering Solutions Inc. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

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