News Update on Adolescent Students : March -2020

News Update on Adolescent Students : March -2020

The Relationship of School Belonging and Friends’ Values to Academic Motivation Among Urban Adolescent Students

Students’ subjective sense of school belonging recently has been identified as a potentially important influence on academic motivation, engagement, and participation, especially among students from groups at risk of school dropout. Students’ friends also influence their academic motivation, sometimes negatively. In this study, the relationship among early adolescent students’ sense of school belonging, perceptions of their friends’ academic values, and academic motivation was investigated among 301 African-American, White/Anglo, and Hispanic students in two urban junior high schools. [1]

Internet Addiction among Greek Adolescent Students

This research aimed to assess the prevalence of Internet addiction among Greek adolescent students, ages 12 to 18. The sample of 2,200 students was recruited from 120 classes among 85 schools in Thessaly, Greece. The sample included 10% of all classes in schools of Thessaly. The method of randomized stratified selection in every school was used for its constitution. [2]


This study examines the benefits of reading strategy training on adolescent readers’ comprehension of science text. Training was provided via an automated reading strategy trainer called the Interactive Strategy Trainer for Active Reading and Thinking (iSTART), which is an interactive reading strategy trainer that utilizes animated agents to provide reading strategy instruction. [3]

Adolescent Students’ Knowledge of Depression and Appropriate Help-seeking in Nigeria

Aim: Globally, but even more remarkably in developing countries, many young people suffer from untreated depression despite the availability of evidence-based treatment. Utilisation of mental health resources is hinged on the recognition of symptoms and the need for appropriate help-seeking. [4]



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