Physical Bullying in Guyanese Schools: Prevalence and Intervention Strategies – Head Teachers’ and Teachers’ Perspectives

The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine how head teachers and teachers viewed the prevalence of physical bullying in their schools. Additionally, the study sought to investigate head teachers and teachers’ perspectives on the effectiveness of adult supervision, speaking with the bully and the victim, and communicating with the parents of the bully and victim in decreasing physical bullying in four government schools within the Central Corentyne area of Guyana. The study comprised sixteen teachers from both primary and secondary schools. The data indicated that participants felt that physical bullying was prevalent in the four schools regardless of the extent of prevalence. The data also indicated that participants were of the view that all three strategies had a positive effective in combating physical bullying in the four schools. The most effective strategies were adult supervision and speaking with the bully and the victim. The least effective strategy was communicating with the parents of the bully and victim about the bullying incidents. The findings of this research are very significant to Guyana. It is significant to Guyana because it provides landmark data on physical bullying prevalence and intervention strategies that have been used by Guyanese teachers and head teachers to combat physical bullying. This information can be used by educators to make informed decisions relating to bullying prevention

Author(s)  Details

 Ms. Maureen Ann Bynoe
University of Guyana, Tain, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana

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