Recent Perspective of the Content Analysis of Civic Education Curriculum in Senior Secondary Schools in Osun State

The study investigated the extent of implementation of the Civic Education curriculum content in senior secondary schools in Osun State. It also determined the adequacy of curriculum content as provided in selected Civic Education textbooks in the schools. It finally assessed the adequacy, availability and utilization of the instructional facilities used for the teaching of Civic Education in schools. The study employed descriptive survey research design. The population of the study comprised Civic Education teachers, students, as well as textbooks and instructional facilities for the teaching and learning of Civic Education in secondary schools in Ife-Ijesha Senatorial District of Osun State. The sample consisted of 15 Civic Education teachers, 150 senior secondary school students and two selected Civic Education Textbooks in Osun State that were selected using multistage sampling technique. Three instruments were used for data collection. They are: Civic Education Textbook Content Checklist (CETC2), Teaching Assessments Form (TAF) and Instructional Facilities Checklist (IFC). Data collected were analyzed using frequency, percentage and One-Way ANOVA. The results showed that not less than 84.0% of the students agreed that the contents of Civic Education curriculum are relevant, whereas, percentage of students ranges from 85.3% to 100.0% indicated that the recommended textbook contents adequately covered the curriculum contents of Civic Education. The study concluded that Civic Education Curriculum is well implemented in senior secondary schools classrooms in Osun State. Also, the selected Civic Education textbooks content are adequate to the senior secondary schools Civic Education curriculum Osun State.

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Prof. Babatunde Adeniyi Adeyemi
Institute of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

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