Study on Achieving Harmonious Colour Relationship in Art/Design: Towards a Mathematical Model

Study on Achieving Harmonious Colour Relationship in Art/Design: Towards a Mathematical Model

In art and design, creating harmonious color relationships for visual expression is of prime importance. It is also unwieldy, vague, frustrating and problematic to combine pigment colours. This paper therefore proposes a mathematical model as a panacea that would fulfill the roles of heuristic, descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive. A triangulation of the techniques of Critical-Historical-Analytical Study, Creative Experimentation and Content Analysis was used. The paper began with the need for a model to satisfactorily solve problems related to harmonious color mixing. In addition, the fundamental characteristics of color were illustrated. In addition, the adoption and adaptation of the Colour Wheel into a series of alphanumeric codes and mathematical proposition (nH {I5 + V10} = 1, where n is the alphabetical representation of a form of harmonious color scheme; H is hue; I5 is the strength scale of five gradations and V10 is the value scale of ten gradations of the chosen hue) was explored in order to achieve a harmonious color relationship. Alphanumeric codes: M(1), A(1,2,3), DC(1,7), SC(1,6,8), NC(1,5,6 or 8), TR(1,5,9), B(1,6,10) and TD(1,3,7,9 or 1,4,7,10) represent the following schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Direct Complementary, Split Complementary, Close Complementary, Triadic, Balance and Tetrad. Any hue first selected on the color wheel is 1, then, to pick another number of hues prescribed for a desired scheme, count clockwise/anticlockwise. And the article ended with recommendations for artists and designers to internalize and use these codes and formulas, which become intuitive and useful with practice.

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Ebigbagha, Zifegha Sylvester
Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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