A Treatise on Solar Energy Acoustics

This monograph provides an outline of solar energy acoustics supporting the principle of source and sink of solar energy. A study on solar energy acoustics and noise characterization in solar photovoltaic devices with ventilation is conducted. A building integrated parallel plate solar photovoltaic (PV) device was built with a pair of PV modules, a ventilated air cavity and an insulating back panel of plywood board filled with polystyrene installed in an outdoor test-room. Photovoltaic amplification was attained with power output from a potentiometer through rotation of its circular knob. A parallel plate PV device was studied for its electrical parameters as Resistance-Capacitance (RC) electrical analog circuit. The effect of inductive and capacitive heating losses was considered in evaluating electrical characteristics of a PV device exposed to solar radiation. The characterization of noise interference, due to power difference of two intensities in a wave on a PV Device is presented. Noise characterization of a wave is obtained depending on type of wave. The difference of two power intensities is due to transmission of light, sound, heat, electricity, fluid, and fire into a parallel plate PV device. Based on analysis of a solar PV device, a definition with measurement expression and unit for an electrical noise were coined. Standard definitions of noise sources, their measurement equations, their units and their origins under limiting reference conditions were also devised. A review for sensing noise of physical agents (sun, light, sound, heat, fluid, electricity and fire) is also conducted. With integrated environmental control, these environmental parameters are to be characterized through various environmental monitoring sensors. The monograph has also briefly mentioned contents of the proposed graduate teaching course by the author on “Solar Energy Acoustics”.

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Himanshu Dehra
Monarchy of Concordia, # 596, Sector 16-A, Faridabad, Haryana-121002, India.

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