Design of Compliant Mechanisms for Engineering Support – A Topology Optimisation Approach

Design of Compliant Mechanisms for Engineering Support – A Topology Optimisation Approach

Because of versatility, stability and unitized building, compliant mechanisms are the subject of active study. It is a single elastic continuum used without any connections and joints to mechanically transmit force and movement by elastic deformation. In order to design a compliant amplifier, the authors proposed a topology optimization method and steps for carrying out numerical experiments for any design domains with different types of constraints. Three periodic shapes of the architecture domains have been taken into account in this work. With detailed examples, the paper narrates the implementations of compliant structures for engineering support in new-age industries such as automotive, aerospace and other service industries. For various basic configurations, numerical tests are carried out in order to design the compliant amplifier. When incorporated with Piezo actuators, the compliant amplifier is used to amplify the displacement and stroke output of the strain actuators. The goal is to optimize the compliant amplifier’s geometric advantage. Effective design of compliant mechanisms through the topology optimization approach is achieved by optimizing the target. From the basic configurations, the study results help to pick the best compatible amplifier design. For all forms of strain actuators, the result of the work would be useful.

Author (s) Details

Dr. G. Arunkumar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai – 600119, India.

S. Premanand
Mando Automotive India Pvt Ltd., Sipcot Industrial Park, Sriperumpudur – 602 105, India.

Dr. A. Pandiyan
Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Thandalam, Chennai -602 105, India.

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