Geochemistry and Potential Industrial Application of Marble from Ikpeshi, South-West, Nigeria

The aim of this chapter is to use geochemistry to determine the economic potential of marble from Ikpeshi area. Nigeria has a variety of rich solid minerals and rocks such as marble which if fully exploited will boost the economic potentials of the country. Forty five (45) marble samples were collected and subjected to petrographic, physical analyses and geochemical analysis using the inductively coupled plasma –mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Geochemical data indicated that the marble deposits at Ikpeshi has variable geochemical characteristics; some have low dolomite CaMg (CO3)2 (1.35-7.44%) and high calcite CaCO3 (82.78-95.61%) while the Golden Girl quarry has moderate dolomite (41.38-41.42%) and moderate calcite (61.03-61.58%). Physical tests indicated high tensile strength (17.342-31.550MPa), compressive strength (259.515-3892.73MPa) and shear strength (44.70-68.51MPa), respectively. Petrographic studies revealed that the marble contains calcite, dolomite, quartz, opaque mineral, actinolite, lead, feldspar and chlorite at various proportions. Based on these characteristics, the marble from Ikpeshi is suitable as raw materials for manufacture of lime, drugs, toothpaste, paper and paint. It is also important in the production of livestock feed, electrical insulators, flooring tiles and terrazzo chips. The marble is unsuitable as a raw material for the production of cement unless blended.

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Romanus Obasi
Department of Geology, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria

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