Metallic Glass Matrix Composites III Book of Abstracts

Metallic Glass Matrix Composites III Book of Abstracts

The new class of materials is metallic glass matrix composites, and this area is rapidly developing from its predecessor, bulk metallic glasses. It nicely overcomes and fixes the problems provided by the former to enter a new class of enhanced strength, elastic strain limit while maintaining strength and hardness. This monograph is a collection of abstracts presented at the Third Series Conference that originally began in Columbus, Ohio, two years ago. Since then, several new experiments have appeared and much progress has been made in both theoretical / simulation studies and experimental work. The goal was to construct a full-scale component with complicated geometry with superior properties. This book contributes a lot to this end. Talks are divided into two sessions according to their author’s topic, scope, and area of expertise. Further, an attempt has also been made to pinpoint future paths and potential evolutions. We hope that this symposium will serve as an emerging and ongoing forum to serve the needs of this community, extend it, and help realise the dream of using these materials to solve complex engineering issues. We remain on the sponsors’ platform, Eastern Engineering Solutions LLC.

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Dr. Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
CEO, Eastern Engineering Solutions LLC, Detroit, MI, USA.

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