Optimal Relay Selection for Cooperative Cellular Networks: New Perspectives

User cooperation for wireless networks can provide spatial diversity and combat the impact of fading effect of wireless channels in a network wherein each node possesses only a single antenna. In cooperation communication, relay selection is an important issue. In this chapter we propose a relay selection scheme with fairness in the context of cooperative cellular networks with a single base station and many subscribers in each cell, wherein each subscriber has the ability to relay information for each other. The proposed scheme maximizes the total capacity while achieving approximate rate proportionality. The complexity of the algorithm is much lower versus an iterative algorithm. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme outperform the existing scheme in terms of system capacity and outage probability while achieving proportionality fairness among user data rates.

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Nguyen Ngoc Van
School of Electronics and Telecommunications, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

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