Environmental Factors in Peatland Ecosystems

Environmental Factors in Peatland Ecosystems

Since they act as a reservoir or sink of gases, the peatland ecosystem plays an important role in global climate change. Particularly in relation to climate change, there are many factors that affect the environmental impact of peatlands. Biological and chemical factors that can impact peatland ecosystems are the main influences. The biodiversity of peatlands and the myriad adaptations of species to these unusual environments are biological factors. I carbon dioxide, (ii) methane flux, (iii) nitrous oxide (N2O) and (iv) other environmental factors are the chemical variables. These concentrated atmospheric gases account for approximately 73 percent of the total positive difference in energy flux. A detailed coverage of fundamental concepts and current practises and developments in the field of wetland ecology is given in the current book series. To understand how biological and chemical variables can influence the ecosystems of peatlands. To better understand peatlands ecology and how they affect our environment.

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Ihab Alfadhel
China University of Geoscience, China.

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