Latest News on Ionosphere Research: Oct – 2019


The original interest in Associate in Nursing region on Jupiter was generated by the invention of robust radio-frequency emissions at some twenty Mc that were thought to be plasma frequencies related to Jupiter’s region. The region of Jupiter provides a way to couple the flux to the atmosphere by virtue of its high physical phenomenon and collisional interaction with the neutral atmosphere. The Pioneer and traveler have provided direct measurements of profiles of negatron concentration at elite locations on Jupiter. Attention is given to basic principles concerning the characteristics of the Jovian region, the ionization sources, aspects of particle recombination, particle chemistry, observations of Jupiter’s region, the structure of Jupiter’s higher atmosphere, and queries of ionospheric modeling. [1]

International reference ionosphere 2000

The International Reference region (IRI) is that the international commonplace for the specification of ionospheric densities and temperatures. it had been developed and is being improved-updated by a joint working party of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) and also the Committee on area analysis (COSPAR). a brand new version of IRI is regular for unharness within the year 2000. This paper describes the foremost vital changes compared to the present version of IRI: (1) AN improved illustration of the lepton density within the region from the F peak all the way down to the E peak together with a {more robust|an improved} description of the F one layer incidence statistics and a more realistic description of the low-latitude bottomside thickness, (2) inclusion of a model for storm-time conditions, (3) inclusion of AN particle drift model, (4) 2 new choices for the lepton density within the part, ANd (5) an improved model for the shelter deck lepton temperatures. [2]

Magnetosphere‐ionosphere coupling

A simple two‐dimensional model of the magnetosphere‐ionosphere system is mentioned within which a localized emf applied across a force field line at t=0 is shown to propagate on the force field with the Alfvén rate. The perpendicular force field is assumed to reverse direction across the sector line. Since the perpendicular force field is restricted in area, the propagation involves parallel electrical fields whose magnitude depends on the characteristic scale length of the applied voltage and also the native plasma parameters. the electrical field pulse related to the ‘shock’ front is mirrored at the region and propagates back to the supply region. The finite Pedersen conduction within the region damps the wave, and a gradual state current system is established within the order of many hours. [3]

Gigantic jet discharges evolve stepwise through the middle atmosphere

In 2002 it had been discovered that a lightning discharge will rise out of the highest of tropical thunderstorms and vary stunningly to the bottom of the part at 90 km altitude. many dozens of such mammoth jets are recorded or photographed since, however eluded capture by high-speed video cameras. Here we have a tendency to report on four mammoth jets recorded in South American country at a temporal resolution of two hundred µs to 1 ms. throughout the rising stage, one or additional lucent steps are discovered at 32-40 km, before an eternal final jump of negative streamers to the part, beginning in an exceedingly biface (bipolar) fashion. [4]

Numerical Detailing of the Mechanism Responsible for Artificial Heating of the Ionosphere by Powerful High Frequency Radio Waves

The result of a standing dynamical high-frequency electromagnetic wave on the behavior of the F-layer ionospheric plasma is numerically investigated with the assistance of the mathematical model, developed earlier within the Polar geology Institute. The mathematical model is predicated on a numerical answer of the Vlasov-Poisson system of equations by mistreatment the macro-particle technique. The results of model simulations indicate that a presence of a standing dynamical high-frequency electromagnetic wave need to influence considerably on the behavior of the majority flow velocities of electrons and positive ions, with right smart variations between mentioned velocities happening at the degree of the wave’s loops, whereas, mentioned velocities being equal and negligible at the degree of the nodal points. [5]


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