Mucormycosis – A Perilous Enigma to Dentist

Introduction: Oral cavity is a hub for millions of microorganisms which are non pathogenic, but in immunocompromised states, plethora of diseases emerge which may be the most rarest and fatal. Mucormycosis has emerged as one such disease due to rise in the incidence of immunosuppressive conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes. It manifests as rhinocerebral, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and cutaneous forms.

Discussion: Mucormycosis is the third most common opportunistic fungal infection caused by a saprophytic fungus Mucor. This invasive infection can spread rapidly to intracranium causing various morbidities. Facial nerve palsy is also a rare complication reported in case reports. Explicit investigations including imaging, serology, histopathology and culture are crucial for appropriate diagnosis. Treatment includes parenteral and oral antifungals. 

Conclusion: Mucormycosis is a rare encounter in dental practice especially with intraoral symptom as initial presentation. An apt judicious diagnosis is essential to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with it.

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