Health Research Alliance (HRA) Launches New Platform for Open Science in Partnership with the National Library of Medicine Powered by Figshare and Dimensions

The Health Research Alliance today announced a new application called “HRA Open” powered by Figshare. HRA Open will allow HRA member-funded awardees to link their awards to their research outputs and deposit publications into PubMed Central.

HRA Open is an HRA-sponsored web-based service that promotes open science by providing a space for awardees to upload and share other materials related to funded projects, including figures, datasets, presentations, and other funder-approved research outputs. In addition to being able to deposit publications into PubMed Central (PMC), awardees can search the database of grants and awards for their awarded funding and submit their research outputs under that grant.

HRA has partnered with The National Library of Medicine (NLM) to enable HRA member-funded awardees to deposit their publications into PMC using the HRA Open platform. Links that have been made between awards from HRA member organizations and their awardees are provided to the NLM to facilitate open and public access of awardees’ publications and research outputs.

Awardee information is provided by HRA Reporter, HRA’s awardee database. HRA Reporter is powered by Dimensions, a Digital Science platform that connects awards, grants, publications, clinical trials and patents. From Dimensions, HRA Open enables users to explore information on over $1.3 trillion of grant funding from 250+ research funders around the world.

From Maryrose Franko, Executive Director of HRA:

“HRA is excited to partner with the NLM to advance science by making peer-reviewed articles from HRA member-funded research publicly available on PubMed Central. But HRA Open will also enable awardees of HRA members to link research outputs to their funding AND make those outputs open. That is a game-changer.”

Mark Hahnel, CEO and Founder of Figshare, said:

“This is an excellent development for members of the Health Research Alliance. We’re pleased to be able to help HRA Open showcase their research outputs in an easy-to-use application.”

This application is live now and research outputs are available at .

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