Introduction: Cerebrovascular accidents cause major morbidity and death in adults, as well as serious medical, economical, and rehabilitation problems. In the presence of neurological illness, electrocardiographic abnormalities have been documented. The current research is an observational study aimed at determining the link between cerebrovascular accident and ECG. The researchers wanted to know how common ECG changes are in cerebrovascular accidents, as well as how different forms of stroke affect ECG presentations and mortality.

Materials and Methods: A total of 100 acute stroke patients were studied. The ECGs of these patients were recorded within 24 hours of their hospitalisation. The prognosis of admitted patients was determined through follow-up.

The most common ECG abnormalities found in cerebral ischemia patients were T wave inversion (34.48 percent) and ST segment depression (32.76 percent), followed by QTc Prolongation (29.31 percent) and the presence of U waves (27.59 percent ). T wave inversion (33.33 percent) and arrhythmias (33.33 percent) were followed by U waves (30.95 percent) and ST segment depression in patients of haemorrhagic stroke (23.81 percent ). Patients with ST-T alterations in the ischemic group, as well as patients with positive U waves in the haemorrhagic group, had a higher mortality rate (66.66 percent) (60 percent ). ECG changes will be studied in order to gain insight into the prognosis and management of stroke patients, which may change their treatment in the future.

Conclusion: ECG abnormalities were highly common in acute stroke patients. It’s considered that the modifications have little to do with the type of stroke. In ischemic CVA, ST and T inversions were shown to be common, but in haemorrhagic CVA, T inversions and arrhythmias were reported to be common. Patients having aberrant ECGs after an acute Cerebrovascular incident were also shown to have a higher mortality risk.

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Sajith Sebastian
Muthoot Hospitals Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India.

Jenny Susan Roy
Anoor Dental College, Ernakulam, Kerala, India.

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