Quality uptake of Non Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs), such as regular hygiene and sanitation, keeping social distance, and proper uptake of face masks, is determined by health determinants on sustainable alternative medicine and primary prevention against coronavirus disease 2019, (COVID, 19), which has no cure. 100oC (alternative medicine) COVID 19 steaming cycles in fermented green tea leaves allow for active functional warming of the anatomical lower respiratory system as well as the use of fresh arterial embalmment from COVID 19 corpses for cadaver preparations. In the early stages of infection, flavonoids contained in fermented green tea leaves release catechins, which help to open up infected alveoli. Theaflavins, which are found in flavonoids, destroy corona viruses. The majority of viruses are destroyed by breathed steam cycles at 60°C to 70°C along the pharynxes. Embalmment is made up of eight elements whose preparation is based on a case study to ensure hygiene. Fever, sore throat, and coughing are common early COVID19 symptoms that can be effectively treated with 100oC COVID 19 steam cycles boiling in fermented green tea leaves. Dyspnea is a late clinical symptom of aseptic shock, which is caused by both low blood pressure and low temperatures in the lower respiratory system below 37°C, resulting in Broncho Constrictions and fatalities. In corona patients, a study linked lower oxygen inhalation temperature in the lower respiratory system (not warming to 37oC) to higher mortality in ICUs than in home-based treatment. As a result, the study focused on determining health determinants for sustainable alternative medicine and primary prevention against COVID 19, as well as techniques to prepare cadavers using diseased bodies. The use of 100oC, COVID 19 Steam cycles in fermented green tea leaves as an alternative medicine was specifically investigated. NPI adoption as a fundamental hygiene step. Finally, the role of COVID 19 corpse embalmment as different medical tools for education was studied. Mixed methodologies, such as survey and interviews, were used to create descriptive cross-sectional, longitudinal cohort designs. Purposive prospective, retrospective sampling designs were used. To investigate quantitative data, the survey used a semi-structured questionnaire. With a sample size of 250 participants, the KII and FGD interview guides were used in active interviews for qualitative data. To identify pathogenicity variations, 3Ls were used to examine global and regional data observations on COVID 19 trends. According to the findings, 98 percent of COVID 19 deaths are due to a lack of alternative medicine adoption because it has not been approved by the World Health Organization. Due to WHO regulations, the majority of participants determined that 100 percent of COVID 19 linked fatalities cases were not embalmed or disinfected before disposal at the start of the pandemic. As a result, social genocides against the study region’s social traditions and cultures have occurred. As a result, the bulk of the affected populace chose to prepare for cold night exhumations. As a result, they were exposed to increased OD (1.7,) RR health hazards (1, 7.7). As discussed by the participants, the 100oC COVID steam cycle was efficient and accessible. However, MOH support was limited. The uptake of NPIs was skewed (25 percent) in the population health, with no substantial rise in infection. The Ministry of Health failed to classify Red and Blue COVID 19 zones in order to promote holistic health behaviour change. Keeping a social distance of 6 feet was also insignificant at most public meetings. To improve the core goal of primary prevention, it is necessary to mediate and push for alternative medicine awareness during pandemic emergencies.

Author(S) Details

Maurice Silali
School of Medicine, Maseno University, Maseno, Kenya.

Maximila Wanzala
School of Public Health, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Maseno, Kenya.

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