How to Prepare Optimum Cell Blocks in Lung Cancer: A Clinical Approach

In high-risk patients, fine needle aspiration with cell blocks can be used to diagnose lung cancer. Because ancillary studies are critical for lung cancer diagnosis, subtyping, and prediction of targeted therapy response, good cellularity and morphology are critical. Due to a lack of consistency in cell block preparation processes, inadequate cellularity of cell blocks (CBs) is a prevalent issue. We provide a new cell block preparation approach for pulmonary cytology specimens, in which sediments from centrifuged aspirates were collected on multilayer filter papers, then a partially melted 2 percent agarose gel was applied to the cell button. Without using immunohistochemistry, 22 cases of lung cancer were subtyped out of 41 cell blocks. In 14 cases, immunohistochemistry was used to determine subtyping. Only benign respiratory epithelium with fibrosis was seen in four cases. Although we identified enough cellularity in all instances (100%), confirming diagnosis was not possible in four (9.7%) of them.

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Fanny S. Desai

Himalaya Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Vadodara, Pin: 390008, Gujarat, India.


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