We looked at the links between dysmorphobia and praise seeking, rejection avoidance, and self-oriented perfectionism in this study. 311 female university students served as participants. In the dysmorphobia tendency, we developed a model in which self-oriented perfectionism mediates the effect of praise seeking and rejection avoidance. Subjects who had a larger need for praise seeking and rejection avoidance had more appearance evaluation concern and obsessive focus on appearance, according to the findings. The findings also demonstrate that seeking praise increases self-oriented perfectionism, which lowers the fear of being judged on one’s appearance. People who want to get favourable feedback seek perfection in themselves, but as their desire for perfection grows stronger, they seek excellence in areas other than looks, and their fixation with physical attractiveness lessens. This study is a beginning step toward determining the cause of female adolescent dysmorphobia, but more research is needed.

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Minako Ohmura
University of Tokyo Future, Tokyo, Japan.

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