If Going From Free Markets to Free Markets Is the Science Based Approach: What is Then the Model Structure, Price Structure, Choice Structure and the Knowledge Structure and Related Gaps of the 2012 Paradigm Shift From Perfect Traditional Market to Perfect Green Market Thinking?

They switch from free market to free market or from perfect market to perfect market to preserve or honour the concept of theory-practice continuity as paradigm shifts. The internalisation of external costs in the pricing process of the industry is a necessary and essential condition for a perfect transition to take place. And four items are supposed to happen at the same time when a change takes place: a shift in the model structure, a shift in the price structure, a shift in the option structure, and a shift in the information structure that creates differences in the process model, price, choice, and knowledge. There was a paradigm shift from perfect conventional markets to perfect green markets in 2012, which poses a very interesting question: if the science-based solution is to transition from free markets to free markets: what then is the model structure, price structure, option structure and the knowledge structure and related gaps of the 2012 paradigm shift from perfect traditional market to perfect green market This paper’s main objective is to provide an answer to this issue.

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Lucio Muñoz
Independent Qualitative Comparative Researcher, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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