A Study on Applications of Systems Engineering to Holistic Didactics

There are a variety of techniques that math and statistics teachers have used to make statistics more engaging and hence improve student success. One of these strategies is to connect the app to something intriguing. However, going back into the history of why these techniques were invented in the first place is an often ignored method of making statistics more fascinating. This rich history can often provide pupils with a more logical orientation, which can help them learn more and be more engaged in the classroom. The goal of this project was to investigate strategies to improve statistics education in the classroom by bringing statistics history into the curriculum. This study looks at some of the historical aspects of statistics and explains how adding this material in a learning plan might assist students learn the topic.

Author (S) Details

Evangelos C. Papakitsos
Research Laboratory of “Data, Information and Knowledge Management”, University of West Attica, Greece.
Panagiotis S. Makrygiannis
Research Laboratory of “Electronic Automation, Telematics and Cyber-Physical Systems”, University of West Attica, Greece.
Anastasios Mavrakis
Research Laboratory of “Geo-Environmental Science and Environmental Quality Assurance”, University of West Attica, Greece.

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