Interactive creativity-based learning patterns is a modernized approach to nurture creativity in instruction. Visual-arts centered education/teaching knowledge provides primary school scholars the opportunity to interact in a helpful instructional setting. In this sense, modernizing the process of education by “teaching through visual-creativity,” in which primary school graduates are meaningfully stimulated to dream up the creative-links ‘tween specific visual-cunning forms and the anchor concepts of core content districts in education, such as skill/math and technology from a broad view.The chapter focuses on the interrelation betwixt interactivity in contemporary abstract visual-cunning and creative-thinking. Supported by shared-technology, visual-creativity learning activities create investigative paths to inventive/creative-thinking. This chapter outlines the significance of the use of specific art-forms as a combinational pathway of integrating creativity into the teaching of usual academic abstract content exist for primary school undergraduates to further their interaction and artistic incident in an increasingly smart-context. In the balance of this chapter, me underexplores the fact that integrated mathematical-aesthetic learning means have fundamentally renewed the focus from not only effectuating the existing instruction system, but also raise higher level of innovative/mutual/effective forward-focused education-learning settings. A study was administered to compare, evaluate, and certify the effectiveness of visual-creativity-based education digital-technology harmonized in competing views of different skill-tech software/netting-based applications that support the benefits of creative active-learning. The author therefore concludes with an prominence on the efficient use of beautiful digital-technologies through basic education as a tool to found stimulated activities to develop students’ learning in a artistic-process.

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Sylvia Stavridi,
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt.

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Keywords: Creative-teaching/ learning, creative-technology, school-age children, primary-school-teachers, thinking skills/creativity, visual-arts-integrated-curriculum

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