Study about Cultural Implications for Learners’ Effectiveness as Governors of Schools in Rural South Africa

The South African Schools Act, 84 of 1996, establishes School Governing Bodies, which allows stakeholders such as parents, educators, and students to actively engage in school governance decision-making processes. The Act further states that learners should be given a full opportunity to participate in important decisions made by the governing body through the Representative Council of Learners. The motivation for conducting this research was sparked by many writers’ concerns regarding the high level of ineffectiveness of learners as school governors in South Africa. The goal of this study was to look into the role of culture in determining the efficacy of learners as school governors in rural South Africa. The perspectives of members of Representative Councils of Learners (RCL) from selected rural high schools in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, were solicited in order to achieve this goal. The focus of these perceptions was on the extent to which cultural issues hampered learner effectiveness as school governors. The importance of culture in connection to learners’ efficiency as school governors in rural South Africa was investigated and analysed in this study. Members of the Representative Council of Learners in various high schools in the Harry Gwala District in KwaZulu-Natal were engaged in a qualitative research technique based on a purposive sampling procedure and interviews. Culture was one of the key hurdles to learners’ effective school governance in the rural South African environment, according to the findings of the empirical study investigation. The study suggests that the Department of Education intervene in order to create an atmosphere that encourages active learner engagement in school governance in rural locations.

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Vangeli Wiseman Gamede
Discipline of Management and Entrepreneurship, School of Management, IT and Governance, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa..

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