Background: Abdominal wall endometriomas are quite uncommon. They are usually misdiagnosed by both the surgeon and the gynaecologist. Awareness of the details of this rare condition is therefore essential for prompt diagnosis and adequate treatment.

Introduction: Endometriosis though a condition commonly seen in the pelvic region can also occur at extrapelvic sites giving rise to a diagnostic dilemma. Abdominal wall endometrioma is one such complex variant of extrapelvic endometriosis with an incidence of less than 2% following gynaecologic operations.

Case Report: A case of abdominal wall endometrioma diagnosed clinically and treated by wide surgical resection is presented to highlight the importance of clinical evaluation in the diagnosis of this condition.

Discussion: The etiopathogenesis, presentation, investigations and management are discussed briefly.

Conclusion: Clinical evaluation confirmed by supportive imaging is diagnostic. Wide local excision is the mainstay of treatment.

Author(s) Details

Ketan Vagholkar
Department of Surgery, D.Y. Patil University, School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai 400706, India.

Suvarna Vagholkar
Consultant Gynaecologist, Thane, India.

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