Overview of Medical Research Ethics Committee, National Research Centre of Egypt

Background: Globally, ethical issues in research are becoming of major importance, being well established in developed countries with little information about research ethics committees (RECs) in Africa. It is essential to promote the efficiency of the ethics review committee to protect participants and guarantee the successful implementation of good clinical research. 

Objective/aim: To describe the establishment, structure, function, operations and outcome of the Medical Research Ethics Committee (MREC) of the National Research Center (NRC) of Egypt.

Methods: The committee established its regulatory rules for human and animal research ethics based on the Declaration of Helsinki 2000–2008 and WHO regulations 2000–2011.

Results: There were 2532 protocols revised in 13 years (2005- 2018), with average of 195 protocols reviewed annually. 88 workshops and training courses had been held in the NRC during the years 2006–2018 with total no of 2325 trainees.

Conclusion: Since 2005, the MREC in NRC Egypt has built up considerable experience of evaluating the ethical issues arising within the field of medical research.

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