Childhood persistent parotitis is a rare disease in which the largest salivary gland is involved. The aetiology of inflammation is multi-factorial and is usually non-obstructive or non-suppurative. This includes chronic unilateral or bilateral parotid gland swelling over months to years. Tuberculosis rarely affects the parotid gland, but any child with persistent parotitis should be tested for the same thing in developed countries where the incidence of tuberculosis is very high. Tuberculosis should be studied in children with persistent, chronic parotitis in endemic regions. We are presenting a 2-and-a-half-year-old female child with chronic parotid gland swelling for 6 months below the right ear. The swelling was acute at the onset, with no discharge or pain steadily increasing in intensity. No history of fever, cough, cold, dry mouth or skin, pain in the joints or rashes occurred. There was a tradition of contact with Koch’s maternal grandparents. On a Computed Tomography scan, a positive mantoux test and severe cervical lymphandenaopathy were noted. Popular causes of recurrent parotitis have been ruled out, i.e., sjogrens syndrome, immunodeficiency and obstruction. The child was diagnosed with tuberculous parotitis based on the aforementioned history and inquiries.

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Dr. Keya Rani Lahiri
Department of Paediatrics, D Y Patil University, School of Medicine, India.

Dr. Fehmida Najmuddin
Department of Paediatrics, D Y Patil University, School of Medicine, India.

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