An Advanced Study on Increasing Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus, Systemic Hypertension and Germ Cells with Endogenous Estrogen

Context: Contraceptive age, abortions,[20th, 21st centuries] introduced as family welfare programs, increased global incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension has been observed. Systemic hypertension was growing in the global incidence of diseases like diabetes mellitus; thus, an altruistic study was designed to determine whether there was any correlation with contraception and increasing incidence of diseases, namely diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension.

Objectives: Systemic hypertension, an altruistic correlation of contraception [if any] with growing diabetes mellitus, was pursued. Methods: In 2012, retrospective study of, prevalence of diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension, in 350 patients of 20 – 35 years, 35 – 50 years, >50 years, age groups, data obtained by easy, stratified random sampling, from different geographical locations, between 2003-2012 and its connection with involvement, absence of contraception, abortion was undertaken; simultaneously, serum estrogen.

Results: Type 2 diabetes mellitus increased by 10 to 45 times in contraceptive users from >20 years to >50 years; systemic hypertension increased by 15 to 50 times in contraceptive users from >20 years to >50 years. In 75% of contraceptive users, endogenous estrogen was reduced to below average and 25% of contraceptive users had low normal serum estrogen. Cholesterol deficient diet, androgen was also associated with a 50 percent rise in diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension, due to reduced endogenous estrogen synthesis.

Conclusion: acquired contraceptive definition, abortion status, shattered germ cell fragmentation, decreased endogenous estrogen, androgen, results in default genomic repertoire, deranged cell metabolism, increased diabetes mellitus occurrence, metabolic syndrome systemic hypertension. The reversal of contraception declined as a cause and successful phenomenon of the diseases.

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Elizabeth Jeya Vardhini Samuel
Department of General Medicine, Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore-32, Tamil Nadu, India.

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