Systematic Study: The Child with Recurrent Infections

Systematic Study: The Child with Recurrent Infections

A diagnostic challenge is proposed by the child with chronic infections in order to rule out an immunodeficiency. There is no universally accepted definition of how many infections are considered natural. Children with persistent infections fall into one of four medical categories: potentially normal child, allergic child, chronically ill child, and immunodeficient child. To aid in the proper identification of children with primary immunodeficiency diseases, various warning signs have been created (PID). The significance of a comprehensive clinical history and physical examination, as well as the study of preliminary laboratory tests, is addressed. PIDs are now recognised as Inborn Errors of Immunity, according to the new report of the International Union of Immunology Societies’ expert committee. For clinicians and students, a mobile application that aids in the diagnosis of PID is available. Depending on the infectious agent, some PIDs may be considered more likely.

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Arnoldo Quezada
Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

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