The treatment preparation systems for radiotherapy dose measurements are used by medical physicists. The accuracy of the calculated dose relative to the dose measured with ion champers should be tested for every TPS in many cases before it can be used clinically. Goal/Object: The purpose of this study was to test the accuracy of the dose distribution of the head and neck phantom and nasopharyngeal cancer patients’ Prowess Panther radiotherapy planning method. Materials/Methods: The standard for communication between therapeutic and diagnostic modalities is the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format. A treatment planning system (TPS) produced plan is also exported in the DICOM format. A commonly used Monte Carlo (MC) kit for modelling the Linac head and simulating dose distribution in radiotherapy, the EGSnrc includes BEAMnrc/DOSXYZnrc. It has its own beam orientation description, which is not in accordance with the one specified in the DICOM standard. The transformation of beam orientations to the DOSXYZnrc coordinate system involves MC dose calculations using information from TPS created plans and the transformation is non-trivial. PTW-Verisoft is a valuable instrument for testing and checking the dose accuracy of the planning framework for radiotherapy. Performance: The TPS and EGS dose distribution results are in strong agreement. There were minor variations between the dose distribution and the patient’s CT image (less than 1 percent for the dose distribution at PTV and spinal cord, and 2.05 percent for the dose distribution in the parotid glands). There were many reasons for the disparity. The primary explanation was that humans made errors in the simulation. Conclusion: There was a strong agreement between TPs and EGS on the dose distribution outcomes. It was less than 1 percent for the PTV and spinal cord dose distribution and 2.05 percent for the dose distribution of the parotid glands. The dose distribution measured for the Prowess Panther software is reasonably compatible with the EGSnrc test programme.

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Ai Thu Thi Nguyen
The Vermilion Parish School Board, Abbeville, LA 70510, USA and Saigon University, Saigon City, Vietnam.

Robin Broussard
Abbeville General Hospital, Abbeville, LA 70510, USA.

Kate Vincent
The Vermilion Parish School Board, Abbeville, LA 70510, USA.

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